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Opening up the main membership page shows simplicity is first and foremost, with a welcome letter that sounds more like a lover's resume being the only thing listed. From here we learn that this buff Black male, named Sensi is always on pussy patrol, and not just any vaginal area will do. His erection begins when he finds out these ladies are girlfriends or a hot wife of a male that just doesn't seem to be qualifying under the sheets for satisfaction. So, with the assistance of his buddy, Trash, they give these women just what they're needing, hoping they will take the video copy they're given and play it for their cuckold husband's, showing them that happiness can be found from their horniness, it just comes in the form of the interracial pleasure he brought to them.

From his display of qualifications and also the joy over receiving emails from women that want to employ his sexual services, there is just a couple of links at the top that will direct you to the dirtiness, so no trail of breadcrumbs will be needed to find your way back. Unfortunately, there's not a high number to the content count from The Undercover Lover, just 15 sets. A nice synopsis will greet your gaze, giving you the background information of what that particular parcel will hold, and then the ability to view galleries, download through a small, (640x960 pixels), medium, (768x1152 pixels), or large, (1024x1536 pixels). You don't have to download these as a ZIP, you can view them right from the site, and even though they're not a complete screen exhibit, they show off to a tune of, 768x1152 pixels. The clarity you would want is there, and the action isn't far behind. The approximate count per gallery for this site comes in around 150 each.

From the same framed in areas you'll find video choices, you can either go for the split segment episodes, through WMV HD, with each set holding about 10 pieces each, or there is also the full length clip, and these come in around 350MB in size. They keep the same technical numbers, whether episodes or full length, the only difference coming in the form of the time, they expand the 4+ minutes into a nice, 44+ minutes.

The plots are nicely done all the way through, and these women are more than happy to accommodate the size and the passion this Black male holds in store for them, he is ready to show them how the cuckold lifestyle is something they will want to return to, time and time again. A hot wife like the ones you’ll find here definitely deserve all of the attention they can get. A set holding the name, "Kelly" shows us how being at the wrong place at the right time can surely make for an afternoon she won't soon forget. She thought these hunks were her ride to an important meeting, but they weren't thinking along the lines of transportation, instead it all spanned into some very hot interracial action that filled up this girl until she was running over with moisture.

The quality of video play was very, very nice, the clarity was sharp, with technical numbers such as, 1049Kbps and video size of, 640x360. They don't miss an inch of the girth that will be spreading these horny women wide and leaving gaping remnants of their cuckold encounter. Sensi makes sure every hot wife and girlfriend has felt the wrath of his writhing and gyrating, giving them the massage to those hard to reach areas that their cuckold husbands have never been able to get to.

Conclusion: This is a very nicely laid out site, giving a navigation that won't take any blood flowing to the brain to keep track of. Each set is boxed in, holding all material pertaining to it, which keeps the ease going. They kept the quality from The Undercover Lover at the top of their list when doing layout and it shows, with beautifully presented video episodes and full clips, along with sharpness from the images that are offered in different sizes through a ZIP download. All in all, a very nice site, with a great niche, just lacking in the amount of material.

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Date: 2009-07-27 09:48:50

Posted By: Nathhari

nice fucking

Date: 2009-03-25 09:52:21

Posted By: Eric

I love to watch my wife and her black lover!!!!



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