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XXX Proposal

XXX Proposal

- Movies: Yes
- Pictures: Yes
- DRM: No

- Download speed: Blazing Fast
- Price Options: $4.95 - 3 day trial; $29.88 - 1 month
- Overall Rating: Very Good

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Since XXX Proposal is just one in a long list of offered sites that you’ll receive access to with your membership fee, I am always hoping they don’t put the main focus on the extras and more on the featured entertainment, but this site has done a excellent job. Center stage shows the most recent updates for this site and then below will be the extras that you’ll eventually want to be wandering into. A simple click on the link taking into the reality archives will give you everything this site has to offer – in regards to the bargaining babes wanting to turn their spouses into a cuckold husband, but only for the right price.

I like the pictures they capture of the happy couples, which are also the links into their sets, some of the husbands have a look of torment to their face but their pretty brides are waving the green around with a big smile, so something tells me it was satisfying for them in more ways than one. They do a nice job on this site of depicting what the husbands really feel, their expressions tell the tale of torment while watching their hot wives drop to their knees and devour the dick of their financier.

For example, Marie is a pretty strawberry blonde that was quick to except the offer, and she enjoyed her breasts being set free and her panties being rolled down over her shapely hips. You can tell she is considering the feelings of her better half as he sits on the edge of the chair, staring out into space and feeling very much like a cuckold husband, and even though she’s attentive, she’s more aroused by the sex she’s giving and receiving. It does get plenty hot in a hardcore way, and for those of you that miss the natural look on women, just so you know, this gal is sporting the full beaver mound of hair!

The quality for video play was very good, it’s not DVD presentation, but it’s done with enough clarity that you’ll enjoy your time while watching, either through streaming or download. They use Flash as their means for streaming and as always with this format the buffering time is quick and the viewing is nice. If you’d rather clear some space from your hard-drive and save some of these clips, then by all means, enjoy the options for that as well, which do include; WMV (491Kbps, video size of, 480x360), or the clips are streaming through WMV, with a low, (130Kbps, video size of, 240x180), medium, (291Kbps, video size of, 320x240), or the high which matches the full length offering.

Keeping everything boxed in neatly for easy navigation, as you open each set the picture links are there for the taking. XXX Proposal is doing everything correctly as far as I’m concerned. For the images they offer clips and stills, so you’ll be getting enough imagery of the cuckold sessions. The clarity for the stills is fantastic, crisp, with all of the edges showing the cut off, with no blur or bleed over into the background, they really are nicely done. The numbers per folder run high, with approximately 500 being the rounded off count, and they deliver a pixel size of, 602x900.

The extras include a lot of bonus movies, live cam action from a third party feed and also the numerous bonus sites mentioned earlier in this review. With this site holding such a nice amount of material, 89 sets, they can easily stand alone with their cuckold sex, and regular updates will keep those numbers growing, but with the addition of all the extras, it spices up the content amount. They keep the quality at a high enough level to be enjoyable, and the fact you do get options for viewing the videos and also very  nice pictures, just adds to the fact that I enjoyed the time spent here, and I'm confident so will you.

 BONUS: With your membership to XXX Proposal you also get instant access to Please Bang My Wife Site already reviewed on our resource. This is definitely a great package deal for cuckold video fans.

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Find the full cuckold video at XXX Proposal

Find the full cuckold video at XXX Proposal

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