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Housewife Bangers

Housewife Bangers

- Movies: Yes
- Pictures: Yes
- DRM: No

- Download speed: Fast
- Price Options: $4.95 - 3 day trial; $39.95 - 30 days
- Overall Rating: Good

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Opening the main membership area of you’re immediately reminded there are bonus sites, but they keep the material for Housewife Bangers right up front, so nicely done! Along with the ease of finding what we want, there are updates, links, search and more from the very first page. From the look of the dates when uploads took place, the site has been on the web since the latter part of 2004, and with just 86 sets offered, that doesn’t show a lot additions in a quick manner, in fact it looks like once a month is how it falls. But, when going into all of the porn they hold, it’s presented nicely as a housewife index with a picture and video link taking you into everything they hold.

Emily Parker was the most recent wife to be pawned off for prick action of a total stranger, naming the right price of course. She’s a hot wife with a cuckold husband that has found a gold mine between her legs. Housewife Bangers makes sure to give plenty of choices when it comes to the video offerings. There is a Flash for streaming the episodes, and full length, along with WMV through download of episodes and full length. They give different qualities such as, dial up, (476Kbps, 428x240 video size), DSL, (984Kbps, 640x360 video size), Broadband, (1478Kbps, 852x480 video size), T1, (2478Kbps, 852x480 video size), and HD, (4225Kbps, 1068x600 video size)

The technical numbers for video play is outstanding, and the quality matches the numbers. Even the dial up was good, but once you hit the HD, you’ll be watching crystal clear cuckold action! The episodes run about 5 minutes in time, whereas the full scenes come in close to 30 minutes. Watching the husbands sit and say very little as their housewives getting fucked by another man brings the heat and horniness desired, and knowing they have chosen the all mighty dollar over the value of fidelity in their marriage, that puts an even dirtier spin on things. They give a hug of assurance and re-assurance before the clothing starts coming off and the engorged cocks start thrusting in.

The images tell the story all in themselves as well, and even though the cuckold husband will sometimes leave the room after watching the cum splash across his hot wife’s face, she never leaves until every drop has been drained from the dicks paying the price for her cuckold company. In fact, there’s normally a wicked little smile and a glint in her eye that says she had a very nice time. The pictures are done with beautiful quality, just like everything else I’m finding from Housewife Bangers, and when enlarged they bring in 980x800 pixels filled with clarity.

There are extras coming at you – included with your membership fee, which includes a third party feed for live chat, an area to purchase discounted DVD’s, and, there are reality sites covering different niches. Add those items with the bonus sites that are also factored in and there is a lot of material waiting for you.

I still have to question the number of sets for as long as Housewife bangers has been up and running, but starting with 86 for your membership is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you only have time to watch episodes and not the full scenes, then there seems to be much more. Adding up all of the bonus material you’re given the numbers expand greatly. They didn’t skimp one iota in regards to the quality for Housewife Bangers, the pictures were beautifully done, and the videos came with choices galore and a crispness you’ll appreciate. The husbands may have sold their hot wives for cuckold cash, but for a reasonable membership rate this site gives it’s money’s worth.

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Find the full cuckold video at Housewife Bangers

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Date: 2009-05-13 14:13:38

Posted By: david

i like some guys used my wife...Enjoy

Date: 2009-02-27 08:13:08

Posted By: MEDO_1


Date: 2008-08-28 12:30:22

Posted By: dzondoo


Date: 2008-06-02 08:15:34

Posted By: Candy

how can i be one of your white bitch on this site? i love black meat and am 19



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