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Cuckold Sessions

Cuckold Sessions

- Movies: Yes
- Pictures: Yes
- DRM: No

- Download speed: Blazing Fast
- Price Options: $34.99/30 days; $59.99/90 days.
- Overall Rating: Very Good

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Cuckold Sessions, a Dogfart production, calls the cuckolding of ineffective husbands by its real name. Unable to preform sexually, these loser hubbies often find themselves challenged by their wives to perform - "Or else!" Well, the "else" is what CuckoldSessions is all about. Husbands get put into positions which not only allow the wives to have fun and fuck strangers and arranged guests, but the hubbies are forced to watch it all come down. Sometimes they are even demanded to participate. Seeing a cuckolded hubby eating his wife's pussy after getting herself fucked by a roomful of hulking big and horny black men came all over her can be standard fare in this sexy site. It absolutely drips with not only steamy sex and slutty enjoyment, but it also contains an immense sense of humiliation for those poor sods with the little dicks.

I counted 31 red hot episodes, all available in a Broadband and Medium Band WMV format that opens on demand, immediately screening. The resolution is just OK in all the videos, but the message gets across loud and clear. Nor is it some pathetic visual. The quality of the screening is just short of DVD quality but should be more than enough for the message to get across. Now, the photos are something else entirely. These are all Hi Res photo's of great clarity. The pussies and the cock sucking are clear as a bell, down loadable and fabulously detailed. They also enlarge into images that allow the heat of the moment to really come clear.

Navigating this site is extremely easy, as are all the Dogfart sites. They do rely on the WMV feed almost exclusively and their content is predictably hot in every site they operate. Merely scroll through the various episodes to find an attractive episode, click the type of feed you can handle, and off you go. For the photos, images are thumb nailed, then reproduced dramatically, immediately, by clicking on them.

This site is one of those whose individual merits make it a real nice destination to park a hard cock in front of a screen and enjoy. But what is even better is the bonus content one gets by joining up. It also offers the entire Dogfart repertoire of stunning, sexy interracial sites, complete with all those gagged and choking babes people have raved about ever since it began. Huge black cocks inside of petite white women make Dogfart a famously and very deserving destination for anyone who watches porn and who wants the "real deal". I highly recommend singing up for this red hot site and for enjoying the bonus coverage as well.

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Date: 2009-12-25 13:42:45

Posted By: ERNie

I got a big black cock 2 that's 9inches long she can have some of this good cock!! My email is get back at me im in sacramento cali!!!

Date: 2009-08-31 12:16:07

Posted By: mal

Very good site, but burning movies after downloading to your computer doesn't work.

Date: 2009-08-31 12:16:00

Posted By: fred

my wife love to have bbc. someone help us. we are in CA. my email



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