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Cuckold Place

Cuckold Place

- Movies: Yes
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- Overall Rating: Good

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The first thing that I noticed upon checking this cuckold forum, was its size, over 82 000 registered users, quite a lot of niche materials and a high level of users’ activity! The forum consists of sub forums which cover almost all areas of cuckold lifestyle. There is also a dating section where you can find partners for your next sex party. Cuckold Place is international that’s why there are large communities in the majority of European and world’s languages. If you really care about your private life, Real People forum is open for you. Only real people checked by the others are going to have access there. This forum is not available for search engines’ indexation that’s why all the information remains private. They also have a twenty-four-hour chat for those who like direct and fast communication. It’s a secluded place of non-standard fetish which is going to hide you from the everyday hustle. was created back in 2004 and you can imagine how many interesting things have been uploaded since then, and how many interesting topics brought up. But I really liked the last novelty of the season – Custom Video. It’s a video which is shot upon users’ requests based on the plots they suggest which turns out to be very interesting indeed. It’s a rather unusual experience because you just write some outline for a script and some time later you see it embodied in a real video. The video is shot in the HD format that’s why one can see anything that happens in the shooting area. Of course there are also lower-quality copies of the videos which one can download at any internet speed. It goes without saying that all the episodes and offers will be discussed – it is a forum ;)

The only drawback about this forum is the fact that it is not free, the forum started charging for the registration a little while ago in order to prevent non-cuckold users from registering there. However, you don’t only buy your access to the forum. You can also access the huge members’ area. You’ll find impressive video archives, cuckold materials and amateur porn in the members’ area. So for a membership fee you get access to a huge closed forum and a large members’ area which is a very good offer.

To sum it all up, if you feel like chatting with other cuckolds, hot wives and bulls, or maybe dating some of them, and you don’t mind paying a reasonable membership fee, Cuckold Place is definitely a site for you to visit!

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