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Cuckold Me Now

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For the tour area of this site holding so much side bar information/links, etc., I was surprised when opening the main membership page that Cuckold Me Now gives no frills to the fornication. You have images showing the latest video updates and a bit of information further down, that’s it. Even though there are just three links across the top band horizontal bar, there’s a bit of head scratching on just how much material this site holds. I clicked on the “videos” and found 16 episodes, but, when going through the image gallery, those numbers change.

Ok, a little closer inspection has led me to see the light from this site, so navigation will not bring a frown to my face. These are broken down into the areas of the hot wives featured, which means each girl has her own area of cuckold stimulation. For my count, I’m coming up with 17 sets, each holding approximately 7 episodes for download. These are nice quality through the single format of, WMV, giving a 614Kbps and a video size of, 640x480. One thing you’ll want to keep in mind however is the fact these parcels run a bit less than a minute in time. They do pack a lot into those small intervals of time, such as hardcore fucking, sucking, creampies and cuckold humiliation.

I couldn’t resist one lovely blonde wife offered through Cuckold Me Now, Trina, that seems to enjoy the degradation she places upon her cuckold husband. Stripping him naked and ordering him down on all fours, she uses him as a stool to sit on while applying her make up, looking even more beautiful for the bull that will be taking her into the throes of orgasm. She enjoys the size and girth that only an interracial lover can bring to her aching pussy, and with her cuckold husband kneeling next to the bed, with his face to close to the action I’m sure the sweat beads are falling onto his head, this hot blonde is being feverishly banged by a handsome Black man that is spreading the sweetness of her pussy slit wide.

Opening up the gallery link I found the layout similar to that for the videos, breakdown by hot wives, making things simple. There are 10 actual displays, but when opening each set, nestled within are approximately 10+ galleries, which are of the same shoot, but partitioned for different updates. Roughly 15 shots fill each folder, and these are available in sizing of medium (522x478 pixels,) or full (800x732 pixels). The clarity and quality both rank high from Cuckold Me Now, and they bring the action up close and personal. I am a little confused on the extras that were promised through the tour area of Cuckold Me Now. These aren’t actually found through the membership area itself, it’s more from the tour area, where the side bar brings you the links to access third party feed sites for things such as a pay per view offering. Navigation could have been a bit different for this site and it would have made the journey better, but as for the action, it was true to the hardcore cuckold form. With a little humiliation for the husbands thrown in, the hot wives were all beautiful, horny and ready to rub their wealth of wetness from their lovers in the face of their spouse.

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Find the full cuckold video at Cuckold Me Now

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Date: 2009-07-29 07:46:40

Posted By: satish

very good

Date: 2008-07-29 10:09:33

Posted By: Mark e. Schrader

Cum kitten



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