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Cuckold Captions

Cuckold Captions

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I wonder if it might have been a woman that had her delicate hand in the making of the first page to this site, because it's simple, no muss, no fuss, just the bare necessities of what you need to have an enjoyable journey through the hot wives that make sure things are done just the way they want them to be. The main membership page opens to show that updates are done approximately ever 4 days, and then links taking you to what's offered, no fan fare of feminine control from the first page, but you can bet that will change once you start going into the specific areas.

The ease from the first page changed a bit once I clicked on the archive link of material. Maybe it's just because this is a different sort of site, something I've not seen before and their way of putting it all together can be a bit distracting, leaving you feeling lost until you get onto their moist methods of showing how it's torturous for the husbands to watch their wives being unfaithful to them, but that's the sweetest part for the hot wife. I would like to see the layout done a bit differently, because it really is enough of an issue in my opinion that it might interfere with the enjoyment that can definitely be experienced from this site.

The concept used by Cuckold Captions is unique to say the least. They use the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words," to really write the script for this site. Through powerful images you’re watching a story unfold before your eyes, and with their own interjected captions of what he said or she said, it highlights the degradation, humiliation and pain, which comes in the form of physical and emotional these cuckold husbands are feeling. Through their captions you find these women in control, are out for themselves, they take over nearly every aspect of their pitiful spouse's life, keeping the checkbook, keeping the car keys and keeping them groveling for release and some dignity…none of which will be restored by these women.

Because of the way the layout is done, it's virtually impossible to get a complete count of just how much material you'll gain with your membership fee, but my numbers will be close on an approximate count. The images for example, which aren't just normal posed shots as you would expect, these are sex filled snippets that have the captions included, and they do enlarge. The sizes will vary for each one, but as a number to start with, you’ll be finding pixels such as, 576x864, which is surely large enough to explain how these men have no say so in anything, they are there for the wife's enjoyment, for her own personal and private gain, and that's it. It is definitely a well put together cuckold site. In trying to give an estimate on how many pictures held within this site, it doesn't really go by normal galleries, in fact, some will hold just the single shot, while others will give an array of multiples as they tell their every going story of sexual domination. I know I wouldn't be too far off to say there is easily close to 10,000 pictures for you to admire the women in, with no pity going to the men, because as shown….they don't deserve it.

There are videos to this site as well, but finding them can be a problem only because things aren't really broken down by those means, it's just long lists and you seek for what you want. Again, I am giving an approximate amount, but 30+ videos seems to be safe to say, with two formats offered. The quality is nice and the running times vary drastically, no real average for that unfortunately. QuickTime gives technical numbers such as, 2600Kbps, and a 640x360 video size, while the WMV is 2000Kbps and 640x480 video size, so you can see the quality will be to your liking. Downloading these and watching them in the middle of the night will make you want to drop to your knees, lower your head and beg your own hot wife to control your life in this manner.

There are a few extras to Cuckold Captions, which includes a small handful of stories, for those of you that enjoy the written stimulation, and who doesn't. There is a chat area, and also a forum link, which does tell you this feature will be added soon, at this time there are no postings.

Conclusion: This site was different, but different in a good way. It almost made you feel as though you were looking at an online comic book of sorts, the way they display the cuckold events, except these aren't animations, they're real people, living real lives and the story is unfolding right before your eyes. Cuckold Captions has a great concept with what they offer, giving the humiliating acts of what's bestowed upon their cuckold husband, I just wish the layout could be different. A nice break down, with some categories would definitely make time spent here easier and less confusing.

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Date: 2009-06-01 12:54:11

Posted By: RJASA


Date: 2009-02-02 08:20:40

Posted By: lily leeza

if husbad is looser in satify sex then wife fuck hard in the fornt hubby and take full sex saticfection



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