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Bang my Hot Wife

Bang my Hot Wife

- Movies: Yes
- Pictures: No
- DRM: No

- Download speed: Fast
- Price Options: $1.95 3 Day Trial; $24.95 per month
- Overall Rating: Good

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The main membership page to Bang My Hot Wife shows a lot of information right up front, which does include much about the nearly 50 bonus sites that will be included with your membership fee. Navigation will be simple, just follow the links and you'll be taken to the hot wives and cuckold husbands that you came for. The left side of the page will hold all of the categories, so they\'re making sure you don't have to do much thinking.

I'm already having to give some Kudos to this site, even though they do exhibit so many extras, once you get inside your intended desire, things couldn't be more simple. One downfall I did find however is they don't break things down into snippets – just in case you don't have much time or depending on your connection speed, it's all fairly long scenes taken from DVDs. The approximate play time I'm finding falls in the range of 36 minutes. You'll learn to cherish every second they offer because with just 35 sets, you'll be wanting to run a meat filled marathon and watch them all at once!

The first installment found is one featuring an extremely hot blonde by the name of Vicky, she's grown a bit tired of not getting the attention she wants from her husband so when the opportunity arises, as does the cocks, she takes full advantage of the situation. The pool guy shares conversation with the husband and then loses his stream of thought when the hot wife enters the room and realizes that she's found the bull that will make her wet dreams come true! Wearing her sexy black lingerie he can't resist, even though it's a perfectly primed cuckold situation he's not reluctant about making time while the husband views the show. Her massive melons get his thick shaft driving up and down between them as foreplay and then it's bend the hot wife over time for some hot fucking in all holes!

Vicky is EXTREMELY good at what she does, and once her tongue makes its way into this bull's throat, there's no turning back for him, even under the close inspection of her cuckold husband. They make sure from this site you are going to have plenty of options for quality, which is a very nice touch. You can either stream, (WMV High, 800Kbps, or Low 300Kbps), or there is also download, (WMV 2500Kbps, 800Kbps, 300Kbps), or you can blow on the go with the iPod choice, and they also include MPEG through QuickTime (700Kbps). As you can see from those technical numbers, the quality is indeed very nice from Bang My Hot Wife.

There are no pictures for this site, but as I mentioned, there are nearly 50 bonus sites included, meaning you are going to stretch the dollar far enough for it to squeak when you purchase membership especially taking into consideration that they offer trial options so you could check the site out and decide whether you would like to keep you membership to this cuckold site or not.

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Click here to enter Bang my Hot Wife now!
Click here to enter Bang my Hot Wife now!
Click here to enter Bang my Hot Wife now!
Click here to enter Bang my Hot Wife now!


Date: 2009-06-29 08:49:42

Posted By: eazyone1

i have and do love tolet other men fuck my wife and she fucks me silly love my wifee

Date: 2008-09-10 08:11:06

Posted By: crazy ivan

yeah janet taylor!you go girl! i would bury my tongue in you too, if any man pumped a huge load of hot, sticky love seed in you like that gent did! good girl!

Date: 2008-07-07 08:05:48

Posted By: raynolds

i love talking to men who are interested in cuckold and wife banging cos it's been my dream for a long time

Date: 2008-06-04 08:47:13

Posted By: soccermomjill@yahoo

wife is susan form new jersey

Date: 2008-05-20 08:39:03

Posted By: ιερι

yes i want to fuck your wife with you please contact 0522905692 yosy

Date: 2008-05-05 14:04:10

Posted By: Chris

yes I doooo!!!!

Date: 2008-04-25 08:46:52

Posted By: Roshan

I Like It & Want To Fuck my Wife Also With Other Men



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